Intelligent. Predictive. Insightful. Designed For You!


Optimize Your Business With Custom-Tailored Software, Mobile Apps, And Advanced Machine Learning
Data Analysis

Real-time data analysis creates innovative new insights. Leverage predictive analytics to make informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence

Put technology to work for you. Automated business intelligence transforms standard and out-of-the-box data points to generate cutting-edge BI.

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s role in business continues to evolve. We work with you to determine how to optimize outcomes and increase efficiency in machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and tailored automation.

Cloud Services

It is time to take your business to the Cloud. Reduce hardware and data costs, improve user access, and streamline operations—with secure Cloud computing.

Mobile App Development

Mobile development for your internal and external customers. Create efficient and convenient new ways to communicate, complete tasks, and generate revenue.

Responsive Web App

Allow us the honor of designing a responsive web app, that can be accessed by desktop, laptop, or mobile device—and integrated for maximum efficiency.

Custom Software Development

You are not alone if your industry software falls short. Allow us the honor of designing integrated software that outperforms your generic alternatives.

.NET Consulting

Our innovative .NET architects are industry experts who can consult on, develop, and design software and web apps using .net technology for all your needs.

About US

We Put Technology To Work For You—Signature Software Solutions Designed Just For You!

Precise is a tenured team of software developers, who specialize in creating signature solutions for businesses of every size. With over ten years consulting, designing, and developing mobile and web apps—we know the right questions to ask to create multiple business efficiencies. We can work with businesses at every stage of the game, from start-up to global enterprise. The majority of our clients reside in the U.S., but our services are available to business owners from around the globe.

We Understand Your Increased Technology Needs—And Are Here To Give You A Competitive Edge

Business Intelligence—Are You Ready To Optimize Your Outcomes?

Whether your business is experiencing steady growth, you are looking to maximize rapid growth, or you want to take a proactive approach to loss—business intelligence is the fastest ways to optimize your outcomes.

We will work with you to determine the internal and external data required to measure your KPIs in real-time. Your predictive analytics will help you test and refine your upcoming business strategies. Your integrated, mobile, and automated software solutions will create efficiencies across every avenue of business. Your signature software and mobile apps can be developed to optimize your work flow, or create exciting new revenue streams.

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